Concerned consumers, small business owners, and taxpayers are coming together to stand up to the harmful practices of Big Tech companies and ensure that they do their fair share in our local communities, for their employees and everyday Americans. Our members include:

Robert B. Engel


Additional members of Free & Fair Markets Initiative include:

  • SEIU Local 721 — Southern California Public Service Workers
  • New England Convenience Store & Energy Marketers Association
  • Professor Benyamin Lichtenstein, University of Massachusetts Boston, Professor of Management
  • Gloria Colazo, Southern California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Aubry Stone, California Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Reverend Eddie Jones, Los Angeles Civil Rights Association
  • Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez, Churches in Action
  • David Grunwald, Los Angeles Housing Partnership
  • Tom Bremer, Pennsylvania veteran / community activist
  • Elias Kazas, Pennsylvania small business owner
  • Maria Gillette, Carbondale Tea Party