Date: April 5, 2019

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Amazon Poses “Direct Threat To The Health And Safety Of Children And Babies”

Amazon’s disregard for serious counterfeit protections has allowed its platform to be flooded with hazardous products.

“Amazon’s marketplace for third-party sellers has spawned a vast ecosystem of counterfeiters, scammers and knockoffs, an ecosystem that poses an existential threat to businesses that lack the financial resources or manpower to do full-time IP enforcement. But it poses an even more direct threat to the health and safety of children and babies who, by law, are supposed to enjoy special protection from dangerous or unhealthy products – products that are now being mainlined into American homes via Amazon’s third-party selling platform.” (Inc., “How Dangerous Children’s Products Enter American Homes–Thanks To Amazon,” Jeff Bercovici, 4.4.19)

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The Free & Fair Markets Initiative (FFMI) is a nonprofit watchdog committed to scrutinizing Amazon’s harmful practices and promoting a fair, modern marketplace that works for all Americans. For more information on the Free & Fair Markets Initiative, click here.