Date: March 22, 2019

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Regulators Narrowing Their Focus On Anticompetitive Practice of Amazon Among Tech Giants  

EU antitrust police laying the groundwork for regulatory action against Amazon by taking aim at its “leverage over both producers and consumers” to stamp out competition.

“As the middlemen for today’s essential products and services, platforms like Amazon and Facebook have leverage over both producers and consumers. Amazon used its power over the book market in 2014 to block pre-orders for some Hachette Book titles during a dispute with the publisher over pricing. The tech giants are also growing by snapping up potential rivals that might threaten market share.” (Bloomberg, “Did Big Tech Get Too Big? More of the World Is Asking,” David McLaughlin, 3.22.19)

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The Free & Fair Markets Initiative (FFMI) is a nonprofit watchdog committed to scrutinizing Amazon’s harmful practices and promoting a fair, modern marketplace that works for all Americans. For more information on the Free & Fair Markets Initiative, click here.