Date: April 2, 2019

They Said It!
Amazon Marketplace Is A “Chaotic Bazaar” That Demands Greater Oversight

Amazon Marketplace is “lacking checks and balances,” which puts both consumers and honest sellers at risk.

“Amazon Marketplace, the biggest online shopping platform offers global reach and e-commerce services to millions of buyers and sellers. However, Amazon is lacking the checks and balances in its sellers enlisting process. To pursue continued torrid growth, the Amazon Marketplace has morphed into a “chaotic bazaar” of millions of unvetted sellers and unmanaged fake product reviews.” (Forbes, “From Fake Reviews to Unvetted Sellers: Here’s Why Amazon Marketplace Needs More Oversight,” Roomy Khan, 4.2.19)

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The Free & Fair Markets Initiative (FFMI) is a nonprofit watchdog committed to scrutinizing Amazon’s harmful practices and promoting a fair, modern marketplace that works for all Americans. For more information on the Free & Fair Markets Initiative, click here.