Date: March 20, 2019

They Said It!
Scrutiny Against Amazon’s “Bullying Behavior” On The Horizon

Antitrust action could be coming for companies like Amazon that are “coming off as a bully” on HQ2 and other issues.

“That is the crux of the issue: Can a company be dominant without coming off as a bully? It is no accident that the company that was the subject of the biggest antitrust action in the last quarter-century — Microsoft — had a terrible reputation in the tech community. Voters love innovation, convenience and entrepreneurs. They don’t love bullies. Amazon failed to avoid bullying behavior in its now-abandoned bid to build a headquarters in New York, and Facebook likewise failed last week when it took down Ms. Warren’s posts about Facebook having too much power.” (The New York Times, “Trusting in Antitrust: Actions Against Big Tech Are Now Palatable,” David Streitfeld, 3.17.19)

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