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  • Europe is cracking down on Big Tech. It's about time that the U.S. do the same. ,
  • Congress can no longer hold back and must do everything it can to break up Amazon — the robber baron of our modern economy. ,
  • Amazon is still worlds away from being “Earth’s Safest Place to Work.” ,
  • Don't take everything that Amazon is saying at face value, especially when it comes to antitrust legislation. Check out this op-ed from @HalSinger about why Congress should call Big Tech's bluff and make 2022 the year for antitrust. ,
  • Amazon's checkered environmental, social, and governance (ESG) record showcases why it shouldn't be a favorite for Wall Street. ,

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Free & Fair Markets Initiative works to raise awareness about troubling trends across the economic landscape that undermine competition and growth, and how to address them.

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