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  • Amazon has apparently failed to meet an Oct. 30 deadline requested by AWS employees who had demanded a probe into the company's toxic culture. Today, FFMI called on Amazon to disclose whether AWS employees have been the victims of discrimination. ,
  • Washington must pave the way for a competitive economy where all businesses have a shot at the American Dream. ,
  • Whether it's contractors or full-time employees, Amazon should always be paying them their fair share. ,
  • “I applaud the efforts that Congress has made to date…but it can’t stop there,” @HalSinger at "The House Antitrust Report: One Year Later.”,
  • “You can boycott Amazon all you want and it doesn’t matter…that I think is a prime piece of evidence why you have to split apart these firms,” @sarahmillerdc at "The House Antitrust Report: One Year Later.”,

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