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  • This conduct would not be acceptable for any retailer, but @amazon offering products that don't even meet the bare minimum safety standards has sadly become the new norm. ,
  • This is $20 million that could have gone to small businesses in Gwinnett County that are struggling to keep up. (1/2) ,
  • .@WholeFoods was an advocate for local suppliers, but now that it's operated by @amazon, that mindset has shifted — causing dozens of local producers like Hart Agriculture to close their doors. ,
  • The 2010s were marked by the unmatched growth of the @amazon empire. In the next decade, we'll need to level the playing field. ,
  • .@amazon claims to “provide a safe, quality work environment in which associates are the heart and soul of our operations," but reports of working conditions that advocates say are worse than coal mines suggest otherwise. ,

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