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  • Regulation of big tech is not meant to inhibit innovation — but we need a new model that will keep transparency and accountability at the forefront while continuing to foster growth. ,
  • .@amazon has received more than $20 million in last two years from North Carolina lawmakers. And what do local and residents get in return? Hundreds of layoffs. ,
  • .@amazon is looking to make big changes that could hurt local communities — but not without approval from Arlington County. Make sure your voice is heard. ,
  • "The advent of new technology is laudable, but the way Amazon is using these tools to abuse consumer data and monitor our citizens is a red flag that we should all address." Do you trust @amazon?,
  • Former @amazon employees confirm what we've long suspected: Amazon uses its troves of seller data to give its private label an unfair advantage. Read more from @YahooFinance @readkrystalhu: ,

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Free & Fair Markets Initiative works to raise awareness about troubling trends across the economic landscape that undermine competition and growth, and how to address them.

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