Senate Commerce Committee Hearing Examining Consumer Privacy Protections

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The modern marketplace brings new challenges in ensuring consumer choice, competition and innovation

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  • "Instead of giving massive subsidies to Amazon, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio should do more to fix our broken subway system and crumbling public housing." — @nychange. Communities are coming together to say ,
  • FFMI RELEASE: @amazon’s Secretive HQ2 Deal Was An Affront To Taxpayers ,
  • Pittsburgh communities should be outraged at @Amazon’s bait and switch after months of backroom dealing. But now that the deal appears off the table, local lawmakers should come forward and show just how much corporate welfare was offered. ,
  • A well-deserved victory for booksellers, who pulled more than 4 million books were pulled off of @amazon’s shelves to protest it cutting off sellers in 5 countries. Lawmakers should follow suit and help level the playing field. ,
  • They said it! Local lawmakers and taxpayers are paying the price for @amazon's bait and switch. Read more: ,

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Free & Fair Markets Initiative works to raise awareness about troubling trends across the economic landscape that undermine competition and growth, and how to address them.

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