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  • The holiday shopping frenzy is putting @amazon in the spotlight not for its deals, but for its blatant disregard of its worker safety. As @amazon sales increase, so should the pressure from regulators. ,
  • .@amazon claims to be taking a stand against offensive products, but these horrifying ornaments show policing products on its platform is not Amazon's priority. ,
  • .@amazon has long pushed its workers past the brink. But this explosive new report shows the human toll behind the company's churn-and-burn strategy. Read more from @reveal and @willCIR before you think about hitting "Buy Now" again. ,
  • .@amazon is fueling a flea market for fakes that is leaving consumers exposed to thousands of counterfeit products. Companies like @Nike have already taken a stand against @amazon's deception — and lawmakers should too. ,
  • In just one year since Northern Virginia was chosen as , home prices have skyrocketed by more than $110,000. @amazon is fueling a housing crisis like it started in Seattle — and local lawmakers need to stand up for their communities. ,

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