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  • Consumers are finding out the hard way that you cannot always trust what you find on the @amazon platform. ,
  • Our new video series “FFMI Explains” is helping you understand what to make of investigations into the most powerful tech companies. Learn more about what is on the horizon for Big Tech: ,
  • NEW: We are excited to announce the launch of our new video series, “FFMI Explains,” providing sharp commentary on the challenges presented by Big Tech and what we should do about it. ,
  • Amazon's third-party marketplace has become riddled with counterfeits, hazardous products, and offensive goods. Now, regulators are finally taking action. ,
  • As more and more state attorneys general come together to discuss the implications of big tech’s anti-competitive practices, it’s clear that regulating companies like @amazon becoming increasingly important to Americans. ,

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Free & Fair Markets Initiative works to raise awareness about troubling trends across the economic landscape that undermine competition and growth, and how to address them.

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