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  • Attention all @amazon workers: If you have a grievance with the company over its dangerous working conditions, share it with us through our secure Amazon Worker Hotline ▶️ ,
  • "Amazon must become a better corporate citizen by listening to its employees and taking meaningful action against climate change." Our Robert B. Engel tells @YahooFinance that @amazon needs to listen carefully to the concerns of its workers. Read more: ,
  • The workers of @amazon have spoken loud and clear — it is time for the company to listen carefully and address their concerns in an urgent fashion. But until Amazon follows through on its promise to disclose its carbon footprint, this is nothing more than greenwashing. ,
  • Last week, Apple said it adjusted results of its App Store searches to avoid referencing its own apps. Is @amazon unable or unwilling to follow this model in how to take responsibility for what takes place on its platform? ,
  • At a time when @amazon is cutting benefits and slashing protections, its workers need our help more than ever before. If you are facing unfair treatment from Amazon, FFMI is here to help. Reach out using out new Hotline or call (202) 656-1593. ,

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