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  • Americans are already paying more than ever before at the checkout line. Amazon's blatant Buy Box Suppression scheme is only adding fuel to the fire — for small businesses and consumers alike. ,
  • In a recent @chitribopinions op-ed, Nina Barrett, a local bookseller, urges consumers to shop at small businesses — and steer clear of Amazon. Check it out here: ,
  • Yet again, Amazon continues to fall behind on its sustainability commitments and is misleading the public about its environmental impact. Shareholders are critical to holding the company accountable. ,
  • Whether it's avoiding union drives or gaming the tax system, Amazon has plenty of reasons to replace its human workers with automated machines. Lawmakers need to act before employees' jobs end up on the chopping block. ,
  • Amazon turned its back on the Chicago community. Elected officials across Illinois need to think twice before doing any additional business with the tech giant. ,

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