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  • In just one year since Northern Virginia was chosen as , home prices have skyrocketed by more than $110,000. @amazon is fueling a housing crisis like it started in Seattle — and local lawmakers need to stand up for their communities. ,
  • Big tech companies like @amazon and @google have operated for years without oversight, but with growing concerns from workers, government agencies, and consumers, the pressure is on for tech giants to no longer go unchecked. ,
  • "The most intimidating stick in Amazon’s arsenal is the ability to suspend or threaten to suspend sellers." When sellers need to protect themselves with anonymity from @amazon it's clear there is something wrong. It's time for @FTC to act. ,
  • Work at Amazon: expectations versus reality ⬇️ ,
  • .@amazon proving once again that this is a company that cannot be trusted. ,

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Free & Fair Markets Initiative works to raise awareness about troubling trends across the economic landscape that undermine competition and growth, and how to address them.

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