What We Believe In

Concerned consumers, small business owners and taxpayers are coming together to stand up to the harmful business practices of a handful of powerful Big Tech companies and ensure that they do their fair share in our local communities, for their employees and everyday Americans.

The Free & Fair Markets Initiative is their unified voice.

As a coalition, we affirm the following Core Principles:

  • Taxpayers should be the primary voice in deciding whether public money is funneled to some of the world’s most profitable companies.
  • Big Tech companies are big enough and profitable enough that they should contribute their fair share in taxes and give back to the communities supporting them by funding schools, roads and healthcare systems. 
  • Employees at these companies should earn a living wage with fair benefits and reasonable work hours.
  • Small businesses should be able to compete with Big Tech on a level playing field, both for market value and government contracts.
  • Consumers should know exactly which personal data tech companies like Facebook and Amazon collect and what they do with that data.