Amazon’s HQ2 Will Cause “An Exodus Of Working People From The City”

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Amazon’s HQ2 Will Cause “An Exodus Of Working People From The City”


Date: September 11, 2018

“Should working people in every city aspire to decent jobs? Absolutely. But the problem is that under capitalism, the only terms on which these decent jobs are offered are that a few of us will get them, and then most of us will struggle for affordable housing even more than we did before, because of the avalanche of highly paid individuals, big developers, and land speculators. All of this is going to skyrocket the price of land and the rent of apartments. It’s going to be an exodus of working people from the city. What happens with HQ2 depends on how the political calculus works out. Do working people fight for something, or is the fate of that city going to be determined by government officials who are just throwing the red carpet down for Amazon?” (Washingtonian, “Would Amazon’s HQ2 Really Be Good for Washington?” Marisa M. Kashino, 9/9/2018)


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