Amazon’s Treatment Of Workers Casts Shadow On Veteran’s Day

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Date: November 12, 2018

Amazon’s Treatment Of Workers Casts Shadow On Veteran’s Day 

Conditions In Amazon Fulfillment Centers Push Veterans And All Workers Past Their Limits

The Free & Fair Markets Initiative (FFMI) today released the following statement in recognition of Veteran’s Day and Amazon’s alarming history of mistreatment of the company’s workers, including many veterans.

“I know Jeff Bezos and Amazon like to say they support veterans, but talk is cheap when you look at the hellish conditions veterans are forced to deal with after they sign on to work at Amazon,” said Seth King, an 8-year United States Navy veteran and former Amazon worker. “I’ve been through just about everything during my eight years in the Navy, but I could hardly survive two months working at Amazon.”

“Cog in the machine doesn’t even begin to describe what it’s like to work at Amazon. Every move you make is tracked and recorded to the point where you’re scared to take a bathroom break. If a Navy veteran can’t survive at Amazon, it’s time they do something about these nightmare conditions.”

Amazon has fallen under intense scrutiny for its treatment of workers, as its “churn and burn” strategy has created significant strain for its workers, including many veterans who are already disproportionately battling major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. 55 percent of surveyed Amazon workers having reported suffered from depression since working at Amazon.

“Veterans like Seth have endured more than most of us can even imagine, so the fact that working at an Amazon warehouse brought him to a breaking point in less than 60 days is beyond alarming,” said FFMI chief spokesperson Robert B. Engel.

“Instead of patting themselves on the back, Amazon should commit to real improvements at their warehouses to ensure veterans and all workers are treated like valued and appreciated employees.”


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