FFMI Calls On Amazon To Denounce Alex Jones

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FFMI Calls On Amazon To Denounce Alex Jones And Remove InfoWars Fake News and Products From Website

The Free & Fair Markets Initiative (FFMI) today released the following statement from Robert B. Engel, chief spokesperson for FFMI, calling on Amazon to follow other major technology companies that have taken a principled stand against Alex Jones and propaganda from InfoWars.

“Amazon consumers should be outraged that Amazon is still providing safe harbor for Alex Jones and InfoWars after Apple, Google, Facebook and Spotify took swift action to remove his hateful, dog-whistle content from their platforms.”

“It is shameful that InfoWars movies, which spread fake news, conspiracy theories and dangerous lies, are still available for free to Prime members and that Alex Jones-endorsed dietary supplements are still for sale on the website – even bearing the ‘Amazon Choice’ label.”

“The ugly truth is that taxpayers have subsidized Amazon to the tune of $1.5 billion over the last decade, and are asking for billions more to fund their second headquarters, to help their bottom line so that the third-richest company in the world can profit from misinformation, conspiracy theories and fraudulent products.”

“Amazon should show the necessary leadership and stop the spread of fake news by removing these products from their website.”


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