In Case You Missed It! Amazon Creating “Pain Points” For Small Businesses and Brands Through Private Label Sales

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Date: February 21, 2019

In Case You Missed It!
Amazon Creating “Pain Points” For Small Businesses and Brands  By Being “Both an Advertising Channel and a Competitor”

Amazon poses a serious threat to small businesses by collecting data on their sales to benefit its own private label products and hampering their growth.

“Out of Feedvisor’s cohort of 500 brands, 44% have over half their sales coming from Amazon, a concentration of sales that triggers concerns around Amazon being both an advertising channel and a competitor…More than three in five (66%) conceded that competing with Amazon’s private label items, which range from apparel and office supplies to grocery and electronics, is one of the biggest pain points about selling on Amazon. Brands in the categories of Toys & Games, Beauty, Health & Personal Care, and Electronics felt this threat most acutely.” (Forbes, “Why Brands Are Flocking To Amazon Advertising,” Kiri Masters, 2.21.19)

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