They Said It! Amazon “Bullying” Sellers With “Bloody Nose Tactics”

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Date: December 4, 2018

They Said It!
Amazon “Bullying” Sellers With “Bloody Nose Tactics”

Current anti-trust law not equipped to handle Amazon’s anti-competitive business practices

“‘That was my frustration when I went and talked to the Justice Department about Amazon,’ [The Atlantic’s Franklin] Foer said. ‘It’s like, ‘Well, they’re actually hurting consumers over the long run by hurting producers. And they’re behaving in a bullying sort of way.’ Maybe not to consumers, but to producers. Why in God’s name can’t you see the harm? And they just couldn’t see it because it was so outside of the current paradigm under which they’re operating.’” (Recode, “Why Amazon is a ‘bully’ and Facebook and Google are ‘the enemies of independent thought’,” Eric Johnson, 12.3.18)

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