They Said It! Amazon Deserves Greater Scrutiny For “Gaming The System” With Tax Avoidance Scheme

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Date: February 26, 2019

They Said It!
Amazon Deserves Greater Scrutiny For “Gaming The System” With Tax Avoidance Scheme 

Amazon paying no federal income taxes in 2018 demands greater attention from lawmakers and regulators, who have been “silent.”

“‘Why have politicians been so silent? I’m guessing somewhere in Amazon’s executive office someone said, “Look, if we’re going to pull the plug on New York [the HQ2 project] anyway, let’s do it now while the tax bill comes out. That way people will be totally distracted from it,”’” says Bob Engel of the corporate watchdog group Free & Fair Markets Initiative. ‘If you’re gonna rob a bank, rob it on a day the FBI is busy.’

Engel, a longtime critic of Amazon, told InsideSources that ‘Amazon is a company whose business strategy is really based on gaming the system,’ highlighting its political utility as a target for tax-the-rich progressives.” (New Hampshire Journal, “Amazon Paid Zero Corporate Taxes Last Year. Why Aren’t 2020 Democrats Talking About It?” Michael Graham, 2.26.19)

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