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11/13/18Amazon’s Secretive HQ2 Deal Was An Affront To Taxpayers
11/12/18Amazon’s Treatment Of Workers Casts Shadow On Veteran’s Day
11/8/18They Said It! Local Lawmakers And Taxpayers Paying The Price For Amazon’s Bait and Switch
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10/26/18They Said It! More Proof That Amazon’s Minimum Wage Increase Was A Sham
10/25/18Amazon Earnings Report Is More Evidence That So-Called Minimum Wage Hike Was A Complete Sham
10/23/18New Amazon Fake 15 Campaign Launched By Free & Fair Markets Initiative
10/9/18Free & Fair Markets Initiative Releases New Report Detailing Alarming Lawsuits Filed By Women Who Worked At Amazon
10/3/18Free & Fair Markets Initiative Responds To Amazon Minimum Wage Announcement
9/27/18Amazon Leaves Critical Questions Unanswered When It Comes To Protecting Sensitive Data
9/13/18Free & Fair Markets Initiative responds to Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos’ Day 1 Fund
9/13/18FFMI calls on Amazon to stop price gouging consumers as they prepare for Hurricane Florence, troubling news reports show dramatic increase in prices for water
9/11/18They Said It! Amazon’s HQ2 will cause “An exodus of working people from the city
9/7/18Amazon’s HQ2 search started one year ago, and it continues to get less transparent and more alarming by the day
9/4/18 As Congress begins to scrutinize Big Tech’s harmful practices, lawmakers must focus on Amazon’s Big Brother business model
8/30/18As Americans prepare to celebrate Labor Day, let’s not forget that one of America’s richest companies pays its workers $28,000 per year
8/27/18Amazon is now using its power and influence to secure special deals from public utility commissions and state legislatures to avoid paying its electricity bills
8/22/18In Case You Missed It! Austin City Councilwoman Leslie Pool: “The lack of transparency of the HQ2 initiative is unfortunate”
8/22/18Harvard Business Review: Landing Amazon HQ2 Isn’t the Right Way for a City to Create Jobs. Here’s What Works Instead
8/20/18Mayor Rahm Emanuel: “Whose Your Daddy” When It Comes To Transparency On What Chicago Is Promising Amazon For HQ2
8/16/18One Company & One City-Appointed Development Board Control Whether Millions of Indianapolis Taxpayer Dollars Go To Amazon For HQ2
8/14/18 As if $1.5 billion in state and local corporate welfare wasn’t enough, Amazon wants $10 billion more from American taxpayers to host the Defense Department’s most sensitive data
8/13/18Montgomery County Chairman Ike Leggett Used To Be For Government Transparency — Until He Wasn’t
8/10/18 While New Jersey’s elected officials offer Amazon billions in corporate welfare, the state’s fiscal outlook remains dire
8/7/18FFMI calls on Amazon to denounce Alex Jones and remove InfoWars fake news and products from website
7/31/18Free and Fair Markets Initiative responds to comments from Amazon executive
7/26/18Free & Fair Markets Initiative responds to latest Amazon earnings report
7/16/18 Free & Fair Markets Initiative launches to scrutinize harmful business practices of big tech, releases new report on Amazon state and local lobbying